The summit will bring city leaders from G20 nations together to address urban challenges
Ahmedabad is preparing to host the Urban20 (U20) Mayoral Summit on July 7-8, 2023. Mayors and municipal leaders from G20 countries will attend this summit, together with delegations from a number of cities, organizations, academic institutions, and government officials from India and the State Government.

During India's G20 Presidency, the U20 is an Engagement Group with a focus on city diplomacy and intercity cooperation to advance sustainable development. The National Institute of Urban Affairs (NIUA), which serves as the technical secretariat, and the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (MoHUA), which serves as the nodal ministry, are supporting Ahmedabad as the U20 Chair for the current cycle.

During the U20 City Sherpa meeting held in February 2023, six priority areas were identified and finalized for inclusion in the U20 Communiqué. These goals tackle major urban issues including encouraging eco-friendly behavior, speeding climate financing, assuring water security, igniting digital urban futures, redefining urban governance and planning frameworks, and supporting regional culture and economies.

According to information provided by the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, there will be four subject sessions devoted to these U20 goals at the next Mayoral Conference. Mayors from around the world, including over 20 international Mayors and 25 Mayors from Indian cities, will share their experiences and initiatives related to their respective cities.

During these meetings, delegates will present six white papers that concentrate on the U20 priorities. In addition, a roundtable discussion on climate financing will be held just for mayors under the direction of the U20 Conveners, UCLG, C40, and the cities of Buenos Aires, Sao Paulo, and Ahmedabad.

The Summit will also feature focused sessions on topics including inclusion, the circular economy, urban resilience, and municipal investment preparedness. In these sessions, groups from different cities in India and throughout the world will present their research and efforts.

A key outcome of the Mayoral Summit will be the handover of the U20 Communiqué to the G20 leaders. This jointly created paper will include suggestions and support from several cities, highlighting the function of cities in supporting the G20 agenda.

The event will feature an exhibition showcasing India's urban success stories, notable projects, and innovative initiatives. To increase awareness, movies that discuss how climate change affects cities will also be shown.

As part of the Summit, participating Mayors and delegates will have the opportunity to explore Ahmedabad's historic streets and monuments, experience the city's vibrant culture, plant trees at the U20 Udyan, and visit the Sabarmati Ashram. The rich cultural legacy of Gujarat and India will be highlighted through cultural activities.