Participating countries expressed their shared views and agreed on outcomes in key priority areas
Participating in the second Environment and Climate Sustainability Working Group (ECSWG) meeting in Gandhinagar, Gujarat which ended on Wednesday (March 29, 2023), G20 members reaffirmed their commitment to addressing the environmental and climate problems with a greater sense of urgency.

Drawing on the constructive discussions from the previous ECSWG meeting, the G20 nations engaged in productive deliberations on a range of important topics, including Arresting Land Degradation, Accelerating Ecosystem Restoration and Enriching Biodiversity, Promoting Sustainable and Climate Resilient Blue Economy, and Encouraging Resource Efficiency and Circular Economy.

All member countries reiterated their commitment to combatting the pressing issues of climate change and environmental degradation. They also recognized the need for a renewed sense of urgency and concerted global efforts to address the current situation.

Following in-depth technical sessions focused on the outcomes of the three priority areas outlined by the ECSWG under India's Presidency, the participating countries identified a number of concrete action points to bring about meaningful change.

The meeting took place over three days. Day 1 included site visits to showcase India's water management practices, while other sessions featured presentations on water resource management from G20 countries.

On Day 2, the Biodiversity, Land Degradation, and Ecosystem Restoration session focused on two priority landscapes and proposed implementation roadmaps. The Circular Economy technical session discussed G20 documents on sub-themes and India's commitment to sustainable resource use.

Day 3 included discussions on transitioning to a sustainable and climate-resilient Blue Economy and aligning with the Global Biodiversity Framework 2022. The conference concluded with open discussions on the zero draft Communique and a visit to the Dandi Kutir museum.

The third ECSWG meeting, which is slated to take place in Mumbai from May 21–23, 2023, will continue the discussions that were started during this meeting.