The meeting will take forward the agenda decided upon during the inaugural meeting held in Hyderabad
The Startup20 Engagement Group, a newly formed group under India's G20 Presidency, is preparing to hold its second meeting in Gangtok, Sikkim on March 18 and 19.

The event will feature delegates from G20 member and invitee countries, representatives from international organizations, and stakeholders from the Indian startup ecosystem.

Startup20 Chair Chintan Vaishnav expressed enthusiasm for the upcoming meeting, saying that the Sikkim Sabha.(meeting) will provide a unique opportunity to showcase the growing ecosystem of the North East region of India.

With the backing of all present delegates, the Sikkim Sabha will take forward the agenda decided upon during the inaugural meeting held in Hyderabad on January 28 and 29, 2023.

During the group's inaugural meeting, the goals and deliverables of the three taskforces—Foundation and Alliances, Finance, and Inclusion and Sustainability—were revised. The Foundation and Alliances Taskforce's objectives are to provide mechanisms for global access to markets and talent, establish a worldwide knowledge repository for startups, and standardize the startup ecosystem through consensus-based definitions.

The Finance Taskforce will concentrate on expanding new businesses' access to cash and provide financing and investment platforms. The Inclusion and Sustainability Taskforce will pinpoint the particular requirements of underrepresented groups and support entrepreneurs who are attempting to make the world more sustainable and inclusive.

The task force participants will talk on the preliminary policy communiqué in the Sikkim Sabha. Besides the main event, there will be startup displays, side events, and trips to nearby sights. The official Policy Communique, a Startup Handbook with generally accepted definitions and terminology, and the promotion of Startup20 as a Global Point of Contact for startup ecosystems globally are among the outputs that are anticipated from Startup20.