The two leaders highlighted the need for concerted and coordinated action to eradicate terrorism

Prime Minister Modi and Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi have denounced the use of terrorism as a weapon for foreign policy.

According to a joint statement issued on Thursday, the two leaders, during their talks in New Delhi on January 25, demanded "zero tolerance" for terrorism and for anybody who aids, funds, harbors, or supports terrorists or terrorist organizations, regardless of their cause.

They also agreed that terrorism is one of the biggest security concerns for humanity and voiced alarm over its globalization.

Egyptian President El-Sisi was on his second state visit to India from January 24-27. He was the Chief Guest at India’s Republic Day on January 26, 2023, reflecting the importance attached by India to the relationship with Egypt.

According to the joint statement, PM Modi and President El-Sisi stressed on the necessity of the international community taking concerted and coordinated action in order to eradicate terrorism in all of its forms and manifestations, including cross-border terrorism.

They once again denounced attempts, particularly those made by states, to use religion to excuse, encourage, and finance terrorism against other nations. Additionally, they urged all nations to cooperate together to destroy terrorist networks, safe havens, infrastructure, and funding sources, as well as to stop terrorists from traveling across borders.

The two leaders emphasized how crucial defense cooperation is to strengthening their bilateral relationship. They welcomed the advancements achieved in carrying out the decisions from the 9th "Joint Defense Committee" (JDC) meeting held in Cairo in November 2019 and anticipate the early convening of the 10th JDC in India.

They expressed satisfaction at the accelerated contact between their armed forces, which has taken place through training sessions, team exercises, transits, and high-level bilateral meetings. More of these engagements for their mutual benefit were anticipated, they thought.

The two leaders praised the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding for cooperation in the field of defense when Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh visited Egypt in September 2022. They stressed the necessity of collaboration in the defense industry and the need to talk about particular suggestions inside the JDC.

Furthermore, the two leaders decided to take advantage of India's experience in satellite development, launch, and space technology applications to increase their collaboration in the space sector. They talked about boosting collaboration in fields including satellite communication, remote sensing, space science, and real-world uses of space technology.

President El-Sisi and Prime Minister Modi both highlighted the importance of an open, free, stable, accessible, safe, trusted, and responsible cyberspace as a catalyst for innovation and economic progress.

The two leaders hailed the signing of the Memorandum of Understanding on Collaboration in the Field of Cyber Security while emphasizing their desire to further bilateral cooperation on ICT-related issues.

Both concurred that education and skill development through student and academic exchanges between the two nations create important people-to-people connections. Additionally, they made the decision to strengthen their relationship by looking into the prospect of additional cooperation between Egyptian universities and Indian public Higher Education Institutions (HEIs).

The two sides have resolved to have additional meetings with the appropriate national agencies in order to streamline the processes for opening a branch of an Indian HEI in Egypt within the purview of the applicable rules and legislation in the two countries.