TROPEX-2023 aims to increase the operational-level contact between these four

The Indian Navy's largest maritime exercise, Theatre Level Operational Readiness Exercise or TROPEX 2023, is now taking place in the Indian Ocean region.

Every two years, all Indian Navy units participate in this operational-level exercise, which also includes resources from the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and the Coast Guard.

The three-month maritime exercise will run from January to March 2023. All surface combatants of the Indian Navy, including destroyers, frigates, corvettes, submarines, and aircraft, participate in the exercise, which aims to validate and improve the Navy's Concept of Operations in terms of operational logistics and interoperability with other services.

The training involves many aspects of military operations, including live weapon firings, and is being done in phases both on land and at sea.

According to the official press release from the Ministry of Defence, this exercise offers a chance to assess the combat capability of the combined Fleets of the Indian Navy to operate in a multi-threat environment as it has increased in scale and complexity over the years.

It added that the marine exercise also makes it easier for operational-level contact between the Coast Guard, Indian Army, and Indian Airforce, which will boost joint operations in a challenging environment.