The cafe has been set up by the Kolahoi Green Group of hotels and resort

After skiing and Gondola, igloo cafe at Gulmarg is the latest place of attraction for the visitors in Jammu and Kashmir.

Everything at this cafe named as Snowglu has been created out of frozen blocks of ice--be it dining tables or the chair.

Snowglu is the brainchild of Syed Wasim Shah, Manager, Kolahoi Green Group of hotels and resorts.

According to Managing Director, Kolahoi Green Group, Miftah Shaw the height of this cafe is 37.5 feet and a diameter of 44.5 feet, hence making it world's largest igloo cafe.

“We created a cafe last year as well but that was comparatively smaller than this. But that was India’s first igloo cafe and Asia’s biggest cafe. The height of that was five feet with a diameter of 26 feet and had 16 seating capacity. That has entered into the Limca Book of Records as well,” Shaw said.

He added this year's cafe is bigger than the previous one and can accommodate at least 40 persons at a given point of time.

The place has become an instant internet sensation and people from all over the country are coming to see it.

“When I saw this cafe on the internet, I decided to visit and see it and here I'm today sitting in this cafe and sipping freshly brewed Kehwa,” said Divya from Pune.

Wasim Shah, the creator of igloo Cafe said, “I saw an igloo in Switzerland and then brought this concept to build the first Igloo Cafe in Kashmir in 2021 which became the igloo cafe in Asia.” Around Rs 15 lakh has been invested in its creation.

Shah, himself a snow sculptor, further said that Gulmarg is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Kashmir. Photos and videos of Gulmarg's Igloo Cafe have gone viral since its inauguration, prompting curiosity among the masses.

It is a two-storey cafe, the ground floor is for taking pictures and the top floor acts as café. 25 people worked for two months to complete this.

“The cafe has two sections, one for seating and one for art. There are paintings on the walls in the art section. Sitting area at this cafe is covered with sheepskin. Traditional Kashmiri dishes and beverages are served to visitors,” a local tourist noted.

The owner has applied for Guinness World Records and is sure that the team will soon visit them in Gulmarg.

“Actually the last world record is from Switzerland and we have crossed that, so that is the reason we applied for Guinness World Records this year,” Shaw added.

Right now the temperature at Gulmarg is 10°c and people are continuously working towards its beautification; it will last only till March as afterwards it will start melting.