Netizens take to social media to unmask the real face of Pakistan and expose its double standards

February 5 is observed as Kashmir Solidarity Day by Pakistan. The day is marked with public rallies to express support of the Pakistani nation to, in their words, the ‘struggle of Kashmiri people’. While Pakistan marks this day to support Kashmir, Indians have stood firm against the false propaganda of its Western neighbor, observing the day as Anti-Terrorism day.

Netizens have taken to social media to uncover the real face of Pakistan while they talk of expressing solidarity for Kashmir. #AntiTerrorismday has been trending on Twitter.

A young BJP leader from Kashmir Aijaz Hussain took to Twitter and asked everyone to make #AntiTerrorismday a trend to mark India’s solidarity.

As Pakistan Army General Javed Bajwa said “People of Kashmir deserve peace,” Indian Major General (Retired) Harsha Kakar took to twitter and said, “Yes, he is right. Peace has alluded people of Kashmir due to support to terrorism by Pak. Finally, Pak army admits that it was responsible for disturbing peace in Kashmir. #Antiterrorismday People of Kashmir deserve peace: Bajwa.”

The President of Jammu and Kashmir Workers party Mir Junaid asks where Pakistan’s solidarity for Kashmir was when they raped their women in 1947, and has been spreading terrorism since then.

Sharing a video of UN protest march he said, “The solidarity theory (read ‘lie’) of Pakistan stood pin pricked way back in 1947 when the rape,arson & loot across #Kashmir was perpetrated by her sponsored stooges of @SAfridiOfficial ,et al tribes.Those observing #KashmirSolidarityDay must watch @ImranKhanPTI #AntiTerrorismDay.”

Noting the ‘double standards’ of people of Pakistan, another Twitter user said, “#AntiTerrorismDay"Pakistan, India should resolve #Kashmir issue in dignified manner": General Bajwa. Long-defunct terror group Al Badr, created in 1999 by #Pakistan, has been revived again. Double standards are the HALLMARK of Pakistan! #AntiTerrorismDay.”

Pakistani Cricketer Shahid Afridi also took to Twitter to mark solidarity towards Kashmir and said, “We must take inspiration from the valor and perseverance observed by the people of Kashmir who were subjected to brutality in the fight for their homeland. I stand united with our brothers and sisters in support of their journey to freedom on #KashmirSolidarityDay.”

Replying to Afridi’s tweet, a Twitter user said, “Mr Afridi, We Kashmiri's don't need your solidarity bcz we are happy with our country India. We also know ur intentions behind this so called Solidarity Day. If you really want do something for Kashmir, then tell your AAKA's stop sponsoring terrorism in Kashmir. #AntiTerrorismDay”

While Pakistan marks this day as their solidarity for Kashmir, India stands together as Kashmir is an integral part of the country’s territory.