The new upgrades include changing rooms, new international grade boats, jetties, and a boat shed

In a move to provide local sportspersons access to world-class equipment and infrastructure, the Jammu and Kashmir government has upgraded the water sports facilities at the Water Sports Centre at Nehru Park in Jammu and Kashmir's Dal Lake massively in the last two years.

Some of the new upgrades include changing rooms, new international-grade boats, jetties, and a boat shed.

"Our region has a lot of water resources, both flat water and wild water. Several young people here have so much interest and potential and I am very glad that the facilities have been improved for budding sportspersons. The new facilities the government has provided are bringing us closer and closer to being an international-level center," an ANI report carried by the Malaysia Sun quoted an international player Bilquis Mir as saying.

She added that youth was greatly encouraged with the support that was being given by the government.

The report quoted another player as appreciating the efforts of the J&K government. He said that he hopes to see the water sports center becoming one of the best in India.

Comparing the earlier days of playing with the recent infrastructural development, a water sports enthusiast said, "Gone are the days when we used to just play with whatever we could find lying around. We are glad that the government has given us world-class equipment. This is important because this is the most basic thing when learning a sport. How will a player get better without the right equipment to practice with? We can now reach new heights in this field.”

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