This retail market is Srinagar offers vegetables to people who have switched to organic foods

The Kashmir Agriculture Department has introduced the first of its kind complete organic market in Srinagar at a time when there is a growing demand for organic food all over the world.

This retail market in Srinagar offers vegetables to people who have switched to organic foods and it is visible when the sale counters are empty within hours of the sale, said a WION report.

"We initiated this program 4 years ago for organic vegetables. There is a protocol defined worldwide under which we declare produce organic when cultivation reaches the fourth year which is free from all chemicals, etc," the report quoted Ajaz Ahndrabi, Director, Agriculture, Kashmir as saying.

The Indian government through various schemes is supporting organic farming in Kashmir. Kashmir has large agricultural and horticultural productions and now the government wants to push for healthy eating.

The report further quoted an organic vegetable farmer as saying, "People aren't fully aware of organic food, we don't use any chemicals for this. The government has provided us kits of worming composite. My entire village cultivates organic vegetables only.”

India exported organic products worth 515 million dollars in the financial year 2017-2018. The report noted that the farmers are expecting the government to start these markets in every district of Kashmir to promote organic food and healthy eating.

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