The Indian Army has developed a mobile application to strengthen the efforts of Jammu and Kashmir administration to contain the spread of coronavirus, officials said recently

Covid-19 Helpline J&K application will provide useful real time information to people about the location and contact number of hospitals, control rooms and rapid response teams in their vicinity, according to the officials.

The mobile application is based on integrated information available on Google maps. It also contains information about the red zones, the officials said.

The application also contains relevant information on the preventive and safety measures regarding COVID-19 pandemic to create awareness among people, they added.

It is available as a third-party installation file and requires the user to provide his or her mobile number to login, the officials said.

After login, the application uses the location and Bluetooth features of the phone to get a list of important contact numbers that are available nearby and allows the user to generate a request for essential services, the officials mentioned.

The necessary technical support and regular updates to the application will be carried out by the Army from time to time, the officials added.

Courtesy: Indian Express

Indian Express