Secretary General JK Hoteliers Club Tariq Rashid hailed the Jammu and Kashmir Tourism Director for effective preventive measures

J&K Hoteliers Club has appreciated the efforts of the District Administration and Tourism Department, Jammu and Kashmir for taking effective and timely action by quarantining the passengers from Leh properly with all facilities here at Srinagar.

Secretary General JK Hoteliers Club Tariq Rashid Ghani said the tourists and labourers should also be screened properly at various entry points.

He hailed the Director Tourism, Jammu and Kashmir for effective preventive measures.

Meanwhile, the Associated Chamber of Commerce and Industries-Kashmir (CCIK) has expressed its concern over the entry of work force and labourers from outside Kashmir without screening and scanning.

In a statement, CCIK said it happens because of non-availability of such equipment at various railway stations and terminals in Kashmir.

“The Administration is quick in shutting down various activities over here but not taking care of the vulnerable areas which might cause damage to the health sector of Kashmir by import of COVID-19.”

CCIK urged the Administration to take immediate preventive measures in this direction.

Courtesy: Rising Kashmir

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