Kashmiri woman Arifa, while sharing her story through PM Modi’s social media accounts, says she wants to empower local women by reviving the traditional crafts of the region

The third woman achiever to share her story through Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s social media accounts on the occasion of International Women’s Day 2020 was Arifa from Kashmir. Arifa “always dreamt of reviving the traditional crafts of Kashmir” as a “means to empower local women”.

“I saw the condition of women artisans and so I began working to revise Namda craft,” she shared via PM Modi’s social media handles on Sunday. Arifa claims her craft is a coming together of tradition and modernity.

“It is designed to suit the modern-day market. My first business activity was participating in an exhibition of handmade items in New Delhi. This exhibit attracted a good clientele and a turnover,” she shared.

Thanking the prime minister for the opportunity to use his social media accounts to voice her story to the world, Arifa said she will “work harder for the betterment of craft as well as the artisans all over Kashmir”.

“I feel it is important for more women to focus on becoming self-reliant and help other women,” Arifa posted through PM’s account.

Earlier in the day, the prime minister posted his greetings on the occasion of International Women’s Day and said that he is signing off for the day and let seven women achievers share their life journeys through his social media accounts.

Before Arifa, Chennai-based Sneha Mohandoss and bomb blast survivor Malvika Iyer were the two women to have shared their inspiring stories.

Hindustan Times