Meet an online group of doctors, with golden hearts, who provide timely and affordable management in case of acute cardiac events

When the pulse of internet stopped in the valley on August 5, a group of concerned doctors found a way to bypass the roadblock and keep the hearts of the patients beating.

Welcome to “Save Heart Kashmir”, an online group of doctors who provide timely and affordable management in case of acute cardiac events by integrating all levels of health care via social networking.

Started on December 21 2017, `Save Heart Kashmir’ was started as an online platform to diagnose, discuss and thrombolyse (using medication to dissolve clots in the blood vessels) the patient in the golden hour at the nearest health facility.

Come August 5, internet was snapped and doctors were left in a tizzy. Four months later, the group has come up with new ways to reach out to patients. From a message away, the doctors are now just a call away from the patients.

“Our phone numbers are listed on charts that are put up in all district, sub-district, primary health centers and other peripheral hospitals. We are available 24*7 to attend to their calls and offer expert advise on how to tackle the emergency,” said Dr Afaaq Jalali, a senior physician associated with the group.

Dr Jalali said the consultants at peripheral hospitals have been advised to share the numbers with patients. “We have directed all the doctors to give our numbers to patients in their localities so that they can directly contact us for the treatment,” he said.

Dr Nasir Shamas, another senior member of ` Save Heart Kashmir’, said the group has wizened up after the communication blockade.

“Post August 5, doctors are trained in all medical emergencies. Earlier trainings were cardiology centric. This is done so that to meet future challenges,” Shamas said.

Post August 5, every week three doctors from all the districts are imparted training at tertiary health centers to help the patients in distress. “The frequent training sessions have helped in dealing with the emergencies. Today, they are not scared. Timely intervention and quick decisions is the key,” said Dr Muzaffar Zargar, a senior group member.

Currently the group has around 1200 members and has catered over 38,000 patients so far.

Dr Rehana Kaunsar, founding member of the group said they are now working on the emergency module. “A small book dealing with various emergencies including hypertension, asthma and other heart diseases will be published soon. We are also planning to start with a free stunt and pacemaker bank for the downtrodden section of the society,” she said.

(Courtesy: Kashmir Monitor)

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