India's Foreign Minister Jaishankar said govt. would welcome those wishing to visit Kashmir without prejudice, in an interview with a Dutch daily eveninger

During an interview to Dutch daily evening newspaper NRC Handelsblad, India's External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar said that the government would welcome the people who want to visit Kashmir without prejudice. Jaishankar was answering a question on the government's decision to allow 27 "right-wing" and "far-right" European Union MEPs to visit Kashmir in October, while the Indian opposition and most journalists were "denied" access.

"The parliamentarians wanted to see with their own eyes how things were going. I met them, they came without a preconceived opinion. We did what we do with every group of unbiased people, at every moment, namely giving our opinion and having them see for themselves,” the EAM said.

On being asked whether a group of left-wing MEPs would also be allowed to visit Kashmir, Jaishankar said, "A lot would depend on the purpose of the visit. If a group of people wanted to visit Kashmir without prejudice, we wouldn't say no. We are a very pluralistic country, both socially and politically."