This was Prime Minister Modi’s first address to the diaspora after assuming office for a third consecutive term
In an event filled with warmth and affection, Prime Minister Narendra Modi interacted with the Indian community in Russia during an event in Moscow on Tuesday (July 9, 2024). The gathering marked a significant moment, as it was the Prime Minister's first address to the Indian diaspora during his third term. The Indian community greeted him with enthusiasm, reflecting the strong bond shared between India and Russia.
In his address, Prime Minister Modi expressed heartfelt gratitude to the Indian diaspora for their warm welcome and their invaluable contributions to enhancing the India-Russia relationship. He conveyed greetings on behalf of 1.4 billion Indians, emphasizing the special nature of this interaction. Highlighting his three consecutive terms as Prime Minister, Modi stated, “This is my first conversation with the Indian diaspora after forming the government for the third time.”

Prime Minister Modi spoke with pride about the visible transformation that India has undergone over the past decade. He noted that this transformation is a matter of great pride for all Indians. “In our third term, the objective of the government is to become the third largest economy in the world,” he declared. The Prime Minister elaborated on India’s economic growth, which accounts for a significant percentage of global growth, its digital and fintech success, its achievements in green development, and impactful socio-economic programs that empower the common people.
He emphasized that these successes are the result of the dedication and commitment of 1.4 billion Indians, each of whom dreams of making India a developed country.

The Prime Minister highlighted India’s committed efforts in tackling climate change and meeting sustainable development goals, asserting that India is making significant contributions to global prosperity. “India, through its committed efforts, from tackling climate change to meeting sustainable development goals, is making significant contributions to global prosperity – as a Vishwabandhu, a friend to the world,” he stated. He further noted that India’s call for peace, dialogue, and diplomacy to resolve global issues resonates globally.
Encouraging the Indian community in Russia to continue playing a proactive role in forging stronger ties between the two nations, Prime Minister Modi announced the decision to open two new Indian Consulates in Kazan and Ekaterinburg. This announcement was met with great applause, signalling the community’s approval and enthusiasm. He lauded the community’s efforts in nurturing and sharing Indian cultural traditions with the Russian people.

“This relationship is built on the strong foundation of Mutual Trust and Mutual Respect,” Modi said, reflecting on the deep-rooted friendship between India and Russia. He praised the Indian community for their hard work and honesty, which have significantly contributed to Russian society. “All of you present here are giving new heights to the relations between India and Russia,” he added.
The Prime Minister’s visit to Russia is his first since the onset of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. This visit, coming exactly a month after Modi took oath for his third term, is seen as a significant geopolitical signal. During the day, Prime Minister Modi also held summit talks with President Vladimir Putin, emphasizing the deepening bilateral partnership in futuristic areas.

In his speech, Modi conveyed a message of resilience and commitment, stating, “Today, on July 9, it has been a full month since I took oath as the Prime Minister of India for the third time and I took a vow that I will work with three times more strength, at three times more speed.” He pointed out the symbolic presence of the number three in many of the government’s goals, underscoring his ambition to make India the third-largest economy during his third term.
He reminisced about the long-standing friendship between India and Russia, fondly referring to it as “Dosti.” Modi said, “On hearing the word Russia, the first word that comes to every Indian's mind is India's partner in happiness and sorrow, India's trusted friend. No matter how much the temperature goes down during winter in Russia, the India-Russia friendship has always kept the countries warm.”

The Prime Minister’s visit to Moscow concluded with a solemn tribute at the ‘Tomb of the Unknown Soldier,’ a war memorial located at the Kremlin wall. Dedicated to the Soviet soldiers who lost their lives during World War II, the memorial holds significant historical value. Modi paid his respects and laid a wreath at the Tomb, honouring the sacrifices made by the soldiers.