The event underscores India's dedication to the ethical and inclusive growth of AI.
The Government of India, through the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, is organizing the ‘Global IndiaAI Summit’ on July 3-4, 2024, in New Delhi. This summit reaffirms India’s unwavering commitment to the responsible development, deployment, and adoption of artificial intelligence (AI) technologies. Aiming to foster collaboration and knowledge exchange, the event underscores India's dedication to the ethical and inclusive growth of AI.
The Global IndiaAI Summit 2024 will provide a platform for leading international AI experts from science, industry, civil society, governments, international organizations, and academia to share insights on key AI issues and challenges. By bringing together these diverse stakeholders, the summit aims to promote safe, secure, and trustworthy AI practices.
As the lead chair of the Global Partnership on Artificial Intelligence (GPAI), India will host member countries and experts to advance GPAI’s commitment to responsible AI. The summit will focus on critical areas such as Compute Capacity, Foundational Models, Datasets, Application Development, Future Skills, Startup Financing, and Safe and Trusted AI.
The summit’s sessions are designed to address a broad spectrum of AI-related topics:

IndiaAI: Large Language Models
This session will explore large language models (LLMs) and large multimodal models (LMMs), particularly in the context of India's linguistic and cultural diversity. It will address ethical considerations, biases, and responsible AI practices, encouraging collaboration among indigenous communities, academia, industry, and startups.
GPAI Convening on Global Health and AI
Focusing on AI in healthcare, this session will gather insights from experts across various sectors to refine GPAI's focus and explore new directions for healthcare AI, with a particular emphasis on challenges faced by countries in the global south.
IndiaAI: Real World AI Solutions
Presenting case studies and panel discussions, this session will identify gaps in AI development and deployment, aiming to advance AI knowledge and innovation through collaboration with industry, academia, startups, and other stakeholders.
IndiaAI: India’s Infrastructure Readiness for AI
This panel discussion will highlight the development of scalable AI compute infrastructure and the critical role of a skilled workforce, exploring strategies to make advanced AI computing services affordable for startups and researchers.
IndiaAI: Ensuring Safety, Trust, and Governance in the AI Age
Focusing on ethical guidelines and international cooperation, this session will highlight India's commitment to leveraging AI for societal good, developing safe and trusted AI systems.
Collaborative AI on Global Partnership (CAIGP)
Bringing together GPAI members, AI experts, and industry representatives, this convening will address the global AI divide, focusing on democratizing AI resources and identifying stakeholders' roles and responsibilities.
The second day of the summit will feature sessions on:
IndiaAI: Empowering Talent through AI Education & Skilling
Addressing AI education and skilling, this session will guide the industry on essential AI technologies, showcasing success stories and diverse career paths in AI.
AI for Global Good: Empowering the Global South
This session will discuss AI development challenges and priorities for the Global South, exploring mechanisms to empower these voices and considering the creation of a new multilateral organization.
IndiaAI: From Seed to Scale - Empowering India’s Startup Ecosystem
Focused on strengthening India’s startup ecosystem, this session will explore strategies to support AI startups in innovating and expanding.
IndiaAI: Data Ecosystem
Emphasizing resilient and scalable data infrastructure, this session will discuss robust data governance frameworks, data sharing, and mitigating data bias to ensure ethical AI systems.
AI Competency Framework for Public Sector
Exploring the AI readiness of India’s public sector, this session will reference the UNESCO Report on AI competencies and provide guidelines for future training programs.
Sustainable Agriculture

Building on the success of the GPAI virtual convening, this session will focus on enhancing agricultural outputs through AI, exploring opportunities in Crop Advisory, Market Access, Financial Services for Farmers, and Climate Resilient Agriculture.
The Global IndiaAI Summit 2024 aims to shape the future of AI by fostering discussions and collaborations that emphasize safe, secure, and beneficial AI applications. The summit will reinforce India’s position as a leader in the global AI landscape, advancing the responsible development, deployment, and adoption of AI technologies for socio-economic development.