Both countries aspire to make their historical documents more accessible to the public
In a move that signifies the deepening cultural and historical bond between India and Oman, the two nations have agreed to embark on a collaborative journey in the realm of archival preservation and exchange.

This initiative was set into motion following a visit by a delegation from the National Archives of India (NAI) to the National Records and Archives Authority (NRAA) of Oman on February 21-22, 2024. The visit by the delegation, led by Director General of Archives Arun Singhal, was aimed at exploring bilateral cooperation opportunities in archival management and preservation.

The Indian delegation received a comprehensive tour of the NRAA's facilities, including advanced sections such as the Electronic Records and Document Management Systems and the Conservation Section. This visit not only highlighted Oman's strides in archival science but also opened doors for future collaboration between the two countries in preserving and sharing their rich historical legacies.

A highlight of the visit was the exchange of archival treasures. The Indian delegation presented the NRAA with a carefully curated list of 70 documents related to Oman's history, housed within the NAI.

These documents, covering the period from 1793 to 1953, chronicle key historical events, including the change of the Omani flag in 1868, the succession of rulers, and the pivotal Treaty of Friendship, Commerce, and Navigation signed in 1953 between India and Oman. Additionally, facsimile prints of three crucial treaties were gifted, further symbolizing the intertwined histories and shared heritage of the two nations.

The discussions between Singhal and NRAA Chairman Hamad Mohammed Al-Dhawyani were fruitful, culminating in the drafting of an Executive Programme of Cooperation (EPC). This programme aims to solidify institutional cooperation through a series of enriching activities, such as organizing joint exhibitions, exchanging digital copies of documents, facilitating expert exchange programs, and publishing joint research based on curated archival materials.

Through this initiative, both countries aspire to make their historical documents more accessible to the public, thereby fostering a deeper understanding and appreciation of their shared history.

The strategic partnership between India and Oman, established over decades of diplomatic engagement, has seen marked developments across various domains, including defence, space, and cybersecurity. This archival cooperation adds a new dimension to their multifaceted relationship, emphasizing the critical role of historical and cultural ties in international relations.

As both nations anticipate the formal signing of the EPC and the launch of its associated activities, this collaboration depicts their commitment to preserving heritage and promoting knowledge sharing for future generations. This initiative promises to enrich the historical narrative of India and Oman, offering scholars and the public alike a window into the rich window of their shared past.