The handover of the Instrument of Ratification symbolizes Hungary's formal commitment to the ISA's goals and principles
In a notable advancement for global renewable energy collaboration, Hungary officially became the 96th member of the International Solar Alliance (ISA), marking a new chapter in its pledge to sustainable energy. 

The accession was formalized in New Delhi, where Hungarian Ambassador Istvan Szabo presented the Instrument of Ratification to OSD (ER & DPA) P Kumaran during a special ceremony in New Delhi on Friday (December 8, 2023).

The handover of the Instrument of Ratification is a pivotal step for Hungary, symbolizing its formal commitment to the ISA's goals and principles. The ceremony, characterized by diplomatic fanfare and optimism, was accompanied by Hungary’s explicit announcement to engage actively in global solar energy agendas. 

Hungary's decision to join ISA aligns with its increasing focus on renewable energy sources and reducing carbon emissions. It is also in line with global efforts to reduce carbon emissions and transition to cleaner energy sources, which are critical in combating climate change, of which Hungary is now a part.

The move was significantly influenced by India's proactive role in promoting global solar energy initiatives. India, as a co-founder of ISA, has been instrumental in rallying nations towards a collective approach to solar energy. Multiple successful solar projects and advocacies for technology transfer and capacity building have been presented to function as a benchmark for future member countries. 

The ISA, co-founded by India and France in 2015, aims to harness solar energy to reduce dependence on fossil fuels. The alliance, primarily involving countries located between the Tropics of Cancer and Capricorn, has grown steadily over the years. The 95th member, Djibouti, joined the alliance earlier this year, demonstrating the ISA's expanding global influence.