The visit aimed at enhancing mutual understanding and collaboration with Hungary
Minister of State for External Affairs Meenakshi Lekhi's recent visit to Hungary represented a significant milestone in India's efforts to deepen bilateral relations with European nations.

The visit on November 28-29, 2023 was laden with multiple engagements aimed at reinforcing India-Hungary relations. High-level discussions were scheduled to explore crucial factors in strengthening engagement. 

She met with Hungarian Deputy Minister of Foreign Affairs and Trade Levente Magyar to review bilateral relations and discuss regional and international developments of mutual interest. Her schedule also included meetings with the Deputy Foreign Minister, the Culture Minister, and other eminent Hungarian dignitaries, facilitating a comprehensive dialogue on various aspects of bilateral cooperation.

They discussed enhancing economic and trade relations, including facilitating trade ties, investment opportunities, and collaboration in sectors like technology, pharmaceuticals, and manufacturing. Discussions explored cultural exchange programs, tourism promotion, and strengthening educational ties through university partnerships and student exchanges. 

The talks additionally included sharing perspectives on regional and international affairs, with a focus on cooperation in international forums. Development and technical cooperation, emphasizing technology transfer, capacity building, and joint projects in renewable energy and sustainable development were supporting topics of interest.

During her visit, MoS Lekhi also addressed a conference at the Hungarian Institute of International Affairs. This event, titled '75 Years and Beyond - Celebrating Diplomatic Relations between India and Hungary,' was organized by the Hungarian Institute of Strategic Studies in collaboration with the Indian Embassy in Budapest. Her address focused on 'Amrit Kaal' — India's vision for a new era in bilateral relations, which summarized the importance of establishing a bright future for India-Hungary relations.

A focal point of Meenakshi Lekhi's visit to Hungary was her engagement at the Indology Centre at ELTE University. This provided a platform for direct interaction with students and the Indian diaspora. Her presence at the university, a hub for Indian studies, emphasized the importance of educational and cultural ties in bilateral relations. By interacting with students, who are potential future leaders and bridge-builders, and the diaspora, who maintain cultural links with India, MoS Lekhi's visit reinforced the people-to-people connections that form a crucial part of India's foreign policy objectives. 

The visit communicated India's active role in promoting its culture and education internationally and the subsequent interactions were indicative of India's strategic approach to enhance mutual understanding and collaboration with Hungary.

Furthermore, her visit to 'Krishna Valley' near Budapest coincided with Kartik Purnima, a prominent festival in the Hindu calendar. Krishna Valley, known as a center of Indian spirituality in Europe, symbolizes India's cultural and religious influence abroad. Her visit to this religious site, described as 'Vrindavan away from Vrindavan,' was aimed at broadening the cultural influence of India. 

As MoS Lekhi concluded her visit to Hungary and proceeded to Bulgaria, her former engagements served as a reminder of the potential and importance of India's growing relationship with European nations. The visit is expected to accelerate bilateral ties and open new avenues for collaboration between India and Hungary