India has worked to ensure that the concerns of the Global South receive due cognizance
As India gears up to host the 2nd Voice of Global South Summit (VOGSS) on November 17, 2023, it stands at the forefront of a pivotal global movement. This summit, to be held virtually, is not just an event but a manifestation of India's growing influence and commitment to the collective voice of the Global South.
India had hosted the inaugural summit on January 12-13, 2023, in virtual format.
This unique initiative brought together 125 countries of the Global South to share their perspectives and priorities on a common platform, the Ministry of External Affairs (MEA) said as it announced the second edition on Wednesday (November 15, 2023).
Throughout its G20 Presidency, India has worked to ensure that the concerns of the Global South receive due cognizance and that the priorities of the Global South were duly factored in finding solutions to the most pressing global challenges, the MEA noted.
This role has been pivotal in reshaping the global narrative, steering it towards a more inclusive and equitable direction. The 2nd VOGSS, thus, is not merely a sequel to its predecessor but a strategic continuation of this global conversation.

The 10 sessions of the summit, meticulously structured, cover a spectrum of critical issues facing the Global South. The themes chosen for each session reflect the multifaceted challenges and opportunities that these countries encounter.
In the inaugural and concluding sessions, hosted by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, the summit will set the tone for a discourse that is rooted in cooperation and mutual growth. The themes - "Together, for Everyone’s Growth, with Everyone’s Trust" and "Global South: Together for One Future" - resonate with the spirit of unity and collective progress that India has been advocating.
Delving deeper into the ministerial sessions, each theme has been carefully selected to address specific areas of global concern, aligning with the overarching objectives of the summit. The "India & the Global South: Emerging Together for a Better Future" session for foreign ministers is set to explore diplomatic strategies and collaborative frameworks that can enhance the collective strength of these nations. This session is critical in shaping foreign policies that are attuned to the unique dynamics of the Global South.
The "Making Human Resources Future Ready" session for education ministers is a forward-looking discussion aimed at reshaping education systems. This session recognizes the vital role of education in empowering populations and preparing them for the challenges of the future, especially in a rapidly changing global landscape.
Finance ministers, in the "Financing People-Centric Development" session, will tackle the crucial aspect of funding development initiatives. This session is expected to delve into innovative financial mechanisms and policies that can drive sustainable and inclusive growth across the Global South.
Environmental concerns, a pressing issue for many countries in the Global South, will be addressed in the "Sustainable Solutions for Climate Resilience and Climate Finance" session. Here, environment ministers will discuss strategies to combat climate change while exploring sustainable financing options for climate initiatives.
In the realm of global development, the "Global South and One Development" session aims to redefine development paradigms, ensuring that they are inclusive and cater to the diverse needs of these nations. This session is a platform for exchanging ideas and experiences, fostering a development approach that is both sustainable and equitable.
Energy transition, a critical component of sustainable development, will be the focus of the "Affordable & Inclusive Energy Transition for Sustainable Development" session. Energy ministers will explore pathways to balance the energy needs of their countries with environmental sustainability, a challenge that is central to the future of the Global South.
The health sector, having gained unprecedented importance in recent years, will be addressed in the "Solutions from the Global South for One Health" session. Health ministers will share insights and strategies to enhance health systems, focusing on solutions that are relevant and effective for the Global South.
Lastly, the "Global South & Resilient Supply Chains" session by commerce/trade ministers is set to discuss the complexities and opportunities in building robust supply chains. This session is particularly relevant in the context of recent global disruptions, highlighting the need for resilient and diversified trade networks.
This year's VOGSS takes on added significance against the backdrop of global challenges such as the Covid-19 pandemic aftermath, climate change, and geopolitical tensions. These issues have disproportionately impacted the nations of the Global South, making the summit an essential forum for addressing these challenges collectively. The summit's agenda, therefore, extends beyond mere policy discussions to encompass strategies for resilience and recovery in the post-pandemic era. It aims to explore pathways for sustainable development that are attuned to the realities of these nations, emphasizing the need for technology transfer, capacity building, and equitable resource distribution.