Success of G20 not of any particular individual or party, says Prime Minister Modi
Expressing pride that India had carved a place for itself after the success of G20, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has said that the entire world is seeing a friend in India.

Addressing the Special Session of Parliament in the Lok Sabha on Monday (September 18, 2023), Prime Minister Modi also said that the success of G20 is of 140 crore Indians and not of any particular individual or party.

He expressed gratitude for the acknowledgement of the success of G20 by the Chair and recalled how the House commended the nation's efforts at the time of the Non-Aligned Movement (NAM summit) in the past.

The Special Session is being held from September 18-22, 2023 to mark the shifting to the newly-inaugurated Parliament building. It comes just a week after India hosted a successful G20 Summit under its Presidency in New Delhi on September 9-10.

Pointing out the negative tendencies of a few people to create doubt about the capabilities of India, Prime Minister Modi stated that a consensus was achieved for the New Delhi G20 Declaration and a roadmap for the future was created here. "India will always feel pride for the inclusion of the African Union in G20 during its presidency," he remarked as he recalled the emotional moment of the group's inclusion. 

“It is a matter of pride for all that India has carved a place for itself as ‘Vishwa Mitra’ and the entire world is seeing a friend in India. Reasons for that are our ‘Sanskaars’ that we gathered from Vedas to Vivekanand. The Mantra of Sabka Saath Sabka Vikas is uniting us to bring the world with us," Prime Minister Modi pointed out. 

Addressing the House, he said that this was an occasion to recollect and reminisce the parliamentary journey of 75 years of India before the proceedings are shifted to the new building.


1. Speaking about the Old Parliament Building, the Prime Minister mentioned that the building served as the Imperial Legislative Council before India’s independence and was recognised as the Parliament of India post-independence. He pointed out that even though the decision to construct this building was made by foreign rulers, it was the hard work, dedication and money spent by Indians that went towards its development.

2. Prime Minister Modi remarked that the nation had witnessed countless incidents related to the creation of New India in the 75-year-old history of this Parliament House and today was an opportunity to express respect for the ordinary citizen of India. 

3. "Parliament is where Bhagat Singh and Battukeshwar Dutt had created panic among the British with their valor and courage”, the Prime Minister said. He stated that the echoes of ‘Stroke of Midnight’ by Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru will continue to inspire every citizen of India. He also recalled Atal Bihari Vajpayee’s famous speech and quoted, “Governments will come and go. Parties will be made and unmade. This country should survive, its democracy should survive”.

4. Recalling the sittings of the Constituent Assembly for 2 years and 11 months in the same House and the adoption and promulgation of the Constitution, the Prime Minister said, “In the 75 years, the biggest achievement has been the continuously growing trust of the common citizen in their Parliament”.  

5. Prime Minister Modi highlighted the changing composition of the house with passage of the time as it grew more inclusive and representatives from all sections of society started coming to the House. “Inclusive atmosphere has kept manifesting the aspirations of the people with full power," he said. He also noted the contributions of women parliamentarians that have helped in growing the dignity of the House.

6. Giving a rough estimate, Prime Minister Modi said that more than 7,500 public representatives have served in both Houses; the number of women representatives is approximately 600. He also informed that Indrajit Gupta had served for almost 43 years in this House, and Shafiqur Rahman served at the age of 93 years. He also mentioned Chandrani Murmu who was elected to the House at the young age of 25 years.

7. Recalling the terrorist attack on the Parliament, the Prime Minister said that it was not an attack on the building but an attack on the Mother of Democracy itself. “It was an attack on the soul of India,” he stated. He then went on to acknowledge the contributions of those who stood between the terrorists and the House to protect its members and paid tributes to the bravehearts.

8. The Prime Minister recalled when, as the first-time MP, he came to Parliament and paid his obeisance by bowing to the building. He said that it was an emotional moment and he could not have imagined that. “It is the power of the democracy of India that a poor child who used to earn livelihood on a railway station reached Parliament. I never imagined that the nation would give me this much love, respect and blessings”, he said. 

9. Referring to the success of Chandrayaan 3, India's mission to the Moon, Prime Minister Modi said that it brings forth another dimension of India’s capabilities which is linked with modernity, science, technology and the prowess of our scientists and the strength of 140 crore Indians. He conveyed the compliments of the House and the nation to the scientists for their achievement.