The aim of this collaboration is to foster mutual learning and strengthen collective ability
The Indian Navy and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) Navy have decided to work together in Meteorology, Oceanography, and other allied fields.

A three-member UAE Navy Subject Matter Expert Delegation arrived in India on 27 August, 2023 for a visit to specialised Meteorology, Oceanography and Weather Modelling units of the Indian Navy in Kochi, Goa, and New Delhi. The delegation is led by Colonel Dr Ali Saif Ali Mehrazi.

"This visit signifies beginning of a new chapter in professional cooperation between the two Navies, with the goal of exchanging professional knowledge, expertise, training and collaboration in the fields of Meteorology, Oceanography and Weather/Ocean modelling," India's Ministry of Defence said on Tuesday (August 29, 2023).

The Indian Navy has gained expertise and skills in the domain of Meteorology and Oceanography over the years. Through its dedicated units, the Indian Navy has also been supporting many countries in the Indian Ocean Region (IOR) with training in the fields as well as daily Weather forecasts services to ensure maritime safety in the region.

The UAE Navy delegation visited Kochi on Monday (August 28, 2023), where they met senior Indian Navy officers for a professional interaction at Naval Operations Data Processing and Analysis Centre (NODPAC). The centre is a dedicated unit for aspects of Oceanography, Ocean State Forecast and Ocean Modelling. 

They also visited the Indian Naval Meteorological Analysis Centre (INMAC) which looks into the aspects of Weather Forecasts and Atmosphere Modelling. The UAE Navy Delegation also visited the School of Naval Oceanology and Meteorology (SNOM), which caters to the Meteorological, Oceanographic and Numerical Weather Prediction (NWP) training needs of the Indian Navy.

The delegation would be visiting Air Squadrons and Met Office at INS Hansa, Goa which is the premier Naval Air Station of the Indian Navy, followed by a meeting with Commodore (Naval Oceanology and Meteorology) at IHQ MoD (Navy).

The aim of this collaboration is to foster mutual learning and strengthen collective ability to address complex issues related to Meteorology and Oceanography. Both the navies would share their expertise and insights to work out areas for further cooperation.

The expertise, enthusiasm, and commitment of UAE Navy and Indian Navy will undoubtedly enrich operational and scientific capabilities of both the navies and will go a long way in furthering professional exchanges to fulfil mutual interests.