PM Modi also emphasized the importance of Miyawaki forests and public health initiatives
Prime Minister Narendra Modi has praised the nation's efforts to save water in the latest edition of his popular radio broadcast Mann Ki Baat.

He emphasized the need for water conservation initiatives like "Catch the Rain" and talked about the motivational tales of people who have made a difference in this vital cause during the broadcast on Sunday (June 18, 2023).

One such individual mentioned by the Prime Minister was Tulsiram Yadav, the Pradhan of Luktara Gram Panchayat in the Banda district of Uttar Pradesh. Recognizing the hardships faced by the people in the region due to water scarcity, Yadav, along with the villagers, constructed over 40 ponds to overcome the water crisis. Their dedicated work has resulted in the improvement of groundwater levels in the area.

PM Modi also related the tale of the citizens of Uttar Pradesh's Hapur area, who were successful in reviving the defunct Neem River. The community worked together to restore this natural asset, which allowed the river to once again flow. He added that efforts are underway to develop the river's point of origin as an Amrit Sarovar, further enhancing its significance.

PM Modi stressed the significance of water bodies beyond their function as water supplies by pointing out their connection to the various shades and emotions of life. He expressed his happiness at the Nilwande Dam canal project's completion in Maharashtra, which caused emotional reactions as the water was allowed into the canal for testing.

PM Modi also spoke about the Miyawaki technique for reforestation, which originated in Japan and has become popular in India as a way to restore the flora. He commended the efforts of Raafi Ramnath, a teacher from Kerala who used this method to create "Vidyavanam," a miniature forest with over 450 trees of 115 different species. This project has not only improved the neighborhood but also drawn locals and schoolchildren, who come in droves to take in the scenery.

Shifting his focus to public health, the Prime Minister reiterated India's commitment to becoming tuberculosis-free by 2025. He acknowledged the significant role played by Nikshay Mitras and other individuals associated with social organizations who have adopted TB patients across the country.

Around ten lakh TB patients have been adopted as a result of their unwavering efforts, a noble endeavor that has the backing of almost 85,000 Nikshay Mitras. He appreciated sarpanches and village heads who have taken the initiative to eradicate TB from their villages.

Apart from this, he also informed that he will take part in the International Day of Yoga celebration on the 21st of this month at the United Nations headquarters in New York.

PM Modi wrapped up his speech by highlighting some of India's most recent sporting triumphs, such as the team's victory in the Women's Junior Asia Cup and the Junior Asia Cup. He also praised Indian athletes for their accomplishments at the Asian Under-20 Athletics Championship and the Junior Shooting World Cup.

Lastly, PM Modi sent his best wishes for the historic Lord Jagannath Rath Yatra as it draws near and stressed how it represents the spirit of togetherness and the slogan of Ek Bharat-Shreshtha Bharat.