PM Narendra Modi emphasized the importance of India's scientific strength
Addressing the 108th Indian Science Congress (ISC) via video conference on Tuesday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi emphasized the importance of India's scientific strength in the country's growth over the next 25 years.

"When the spirit of national service gets infused in Science along with passion, results are unprecedented. I am sure, India’s scientific community will ensure a place for our country of which it was always deserving ," he said.

The official press release from the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) stated that the main theme of this year's ISC is "Science and Technology for Sustainable Development with Women Empowerment." This theme will be discussed as it pertains to sustainable development, women's empowerment, and the role of science and technology in achieving these goals.

In his address, PM Modi emphasized the significance of collecting data and analyzing findings by pointing out that observation is the foundation of science and that it is through such observation that scientists follow patterns and arrive at necessary outcomes.

He emphasized how much data and technology are available in India in the twenty-first century and claimed that this has the potential to advance Indian science.

Speaking on the outcome of India's experiment with the scientific method, PM Modi claimed that the country is now regarded as one of the top nations in the world after moving up from 81st to 40th place in the Global Innovation Index in 2022.

He also expressed satisfaction with the Science Congress's subject this year, which mixes women's empowerment and sustainable development, and he emphasized how the two topics work together. However, he continued.

"Our thinking is not just that we should empower women via science but also empowering science by the contribution of women."

"Increasing participation of women is proof that women and science are both progressing in the nation," he added.
Furthermore, PM Modi remarked on the scientists' struggle to translate their knowledge into useful and practical goods. He said,

"Efforts of science can turn into great achievements only when they come out of the lab and reach the land, and their impact reaches from global to grassroots, when its ambit is from journal to jameen (land, everyday life) and when change is visible from research to real life."

He emphasized the necessity for an institutional structure to assist such youth. He urged the crowd to focus on creating such a supportive institutional structure.