PM Modi emphasized on precautions like mask wearing and hand washing

In light of the rising number of Covid-19 cases in many nations, Prime Minister Narendra Modi has advised everyone to exercise caution and adopt COVID-appropriate behavior.

Speaking in his final 'Mann ki Baat' broascast of this year on Sunday, PM Modi urged individuals who are on vacation now or will be on one soon to follow precautions like donning masks and washing their hands to keep themselves safe and guarantee that the virus does not spoil their fun.

“At this time many people are also in the mood for holidays. Enjoy these festivals a lot, but be a little cautious too. You are also seeing that, Corona is increasing in many countries of the world, so we have to take more care of precautions like mask and hand washing. If we are careful, then we will also be safe and there will be no hindrance in our enjoyment,” he said during his 96th Mann Ki Baat.

The number of Covid-19 cases is rising worldwide, particularly in China, where the relaxation of the zero-Covid policy has accelerated the spread of the pandemic. As a result, the Indian government has ramped up its anti-virus efforts. Additionally, PM Modi and other ministers have presided over meetings and the administration has written to the states urging them to put in place suitable defenses against any surge.

During his speech, Prime Minister Modi also mentioned that this year, Amritkal had started and that India had celebrated 75 years of independence. He also mentioned the great festivities that the nation's citizens had put together to commemorate unity and togetherness.

He said that the previous year, 2022, had been motivational for India in a variety of ways because of the remarkable immunization doses of over 220 crores and the country's rise to the fifth-largest global economy.

He also expresses condolences to former Prime Minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee on the occasion of his birth anniversary, praising him as a brilliant politician who provided the nation with excellent leadership.