In his address, PM Modi talked about India’s G20 Presidency and ways to make the winter session more productive.

In his remarks before the start of the Winter Session of Parliament on Wednesday, Prime Minister Modi on Wednesday urged all parties and lawmakers to work together to make it "more productive."

Speaking to the media, he stated that MPs from the opposition parties claim they are frequently stopped and the House is adjourned, which prevents them from participating in discussions and causes them great suffering.

He urged all floor leaders and party leaders to sympathize with these MPs' plight, stating that it is crucial for democracy that the nation benefits from their energy and excitement to contribute to the nation’s growth and decision-making processes.

PM Modi also emphasized the significance of the G-20 Summit, stating that it is more than just a "diplomatic event" but also a chance to show the world India's capabilities in a "holistic manner."

"Such a large country, mother of democracy, so many diversities, so much potential, and therefore, this is a big opportunity for the world to know India and for India to show its potential to the whole world," he added.

Speaking about a recently convened all-party meeting, PM Modi stated that he had conversations with all of the party leaders in a very cordial setting, which would also be reflected in the House.

He said, "In this session, efforts will be made to take important decisions while keeping in mind taking the country to new heights of development and new opportunities to take the country forward amid the current global situation."

"I am sure that all political parties will add more value to the discussion, give new strength to the decisions with their views and help in highlighting the direction more clearly," he added.

He further asked all party leaders and floor leaders to expand the possibilities given to newcomers, new members, and young members of the House and boost their involvement in debates to foresee their bright futures and train the next generation of democratic leaders.