The theme for the Vigilance Awareness Week is "Corruption-free India for a Developed Nation"

Prime Minister Narendra Modi will speak at the event of the Central Vigilance Commission (CVC) commemorating "Vigilance Awareness Week" in New Delhi on Thursday.

At the event, the Prime Minister will unveil the CVC's new complaint management system webpage. The platform is designed to give residents complete information by regularly updating them on the progress of their concerns, the Prime Minister's Office (PMO) said on Wednesday.

Additionally, Prime Minister Modi will release a collection of best practises on "preventive vigilance," a special edition of "VIGEYE-VANI" on public procurement, and a series of picture booklets on "Ethics and Good Practices."

The Prime Minister will also present awards to the top five students in the CVC's countrywide essay competition on the aforementioned topic of Vigilance Awareness Week.

The Central Vigilance Commission holds the Vigilance Awareness Week every year to bring together all parties involved in promoting integrity in all walks of life. This year's theme is "Corruption-free India for a Developed Nation."

This year, Vigilance Awareness Week started on October 31 as the Central Vigilance Commission's officials received the integrity promise from the Commission at Satarkata Bhawan. The week and its related programmes will go on November 6.