Prime Minister Narendra Modi also warned about the danger of fake news

Prime Minister Narendra Modi mooted the idea of 'One Nation, One Uniform' while addressing the "Chintan Shivir" (brainstorming session) of Home Ministers of states via video conferencing on Friday.

During his address, he also warned about the danger of fake news and called for the use of technology to prevent its spread.

Union Home Minister Amit Shah and Chief Ministers of several states were present.

Praising the efforts made by law enforcement agencies to ensure a peaceful environment during the festival season, the Prime Minister said that the "Chintan Shivir" is a shining example of "cooperative federalism."

He continued, saying that although the constitution places law and order under the jurisdiction of the states, they are still integral to the nation's unity and integrity.

"Every state should learn from each other, take inspiration from each other, work for the betterment of the country, this is the spirit of the constitution and it is also our responsibility towards the countrymen," he added.

During his address, PM Modi proposed the idea of "One Nation, One Uniform" for the police, although he emphasised that he was not attempting to obligate the states to adopt it.

He remarked, "One Nation, One Uniform" for police may happen, may not happen today, may take 5, 50, or 100 years, but let's give it a thought." PM Modi stated that he believes all of the nation's police officers could be identical.

Prime Minister Modi also highlighted the danger of fake news. He that a single piece of fake news has the capability to snowball into a matter of national concern and recalled the losses that India had to face due to fake news about job reservations in the past.

He stressed the need to educate people about analysing and verifying any piece of information before forwarding it to people. “We have to come up with technological advancement to prevent the spreading of fake news”, he added.

Furthermore, he emphasized on strong coordination between the states to combat crime and criminals. He asserted that cooperative federalism was not only the spirit of the Constitution but also the duty of the states and the federal government as a whole.

PM Modi urged all agencies to take "coordinated action" to address the new issues of law and order and security, urging state governments to evaluate outdated legislation and update it to reflect current circumstances.

He said that upholding the public's trust in the police was "very important" and that the "wrongs here" needed to be corrected. In order to assure effectiveness, better results, and protection for the average person, he claimed that intelligence and police organizations should work together.

The Prime Minister emphasised the need to destroy the terrorists' underground network and said every government is making an effort to play its part in the fight. He also underlined how much fewer Naxal-affected regions are now present in the nation than they were eight years ago.

In his closing remarks, he stated that if we go forward with a national mindset, every problem will fail in front of us and added, "In this Chintan Shivir, a roadmap along with better suggestions will come to the fore. I wish you all the very best!"