PM Narendra Modi said these projects will improve the area's health and education sectors

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated and laid the foundation stone for projects valued at around Rs. 860 crores at Jambughoda, Panchmahal in Gujarat on Tuesday.

These projects include the new campus of the Shri Govind Guru University in Godhara; the Raja Rup Singh Nayak Primary School and Memorial in Dandiyapura Village; and the Sant Joriya Parameshwar Primary School and Memorial in Vadek Village.

Additionally, he laid the foundation stone for the construction of the Godhra Kendriya Vidyalaya, Godhra Medical College, and the expansion of Kaushalya-The Skill University, valued at over Rs. 680 crores.

Speaking to the crowd, Prime Minister Modi remarked that today is a historic day for Gujarat's Adivasi and tribal populations. Additionally, he recalled going to Mangarh earlier that day to pay his respects to Govind Guru and the hundreds of tribal freedom warriors who gave their lives to fight for India's freedom.

Reminiscing about his long connection to the region, PM Modi expressed his delight at being in Jambughoda, which has seen the tremendous sacrifice of India's tribal population.

"Today we are all full of pride as we salute the immortal fighters like Shaheed Joriya Parmeshwar, Roop Singh Nayak, Galaliya Nayak, Ravjida Nayak and Babariya Galma Nayak," he said.

According to the Prime Minister, the projects for which the foundation stone was laid will improve the health, education, and skill development of the whole area. He also mentioned that the Kendriya Vidyalaya and Govind Guru University's new administrative campuses will greatly benefit our tribal youngsters.