Solar energy will play a key role for India, the EU to reach the net zero emissions, said the EC President

President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen on Sunday said that India and the European Union are closely aligned in the fight against climate change. Ursula von der Leyen is on a two-day visit to India.

Tweeting about her address to the International Solar Alliance she said, “The need for clean energy has never been more pressing. Our planet is heating up, while energy demand is on the rise. And we have to switch to secure, reliable energy supplies. This is why initiatives like the International Solar Alliance are so important.”

“India and the EU are aligned in the fight against climate change. We have both embarked on our way to net zero. And solar energy will play a key role in getting there. We will step up our cooperation on solar energy, including through the @isolaralliance,” she said replying to her previous tweet.

Further in her address, the President of the EU Commission said, “Europe wants to be climate neutral by 2050 and India by 2070. But, in addition India has decided to cover half of its energy demand from renewable sources already by 2030. This is amazingly good news. This is very ambitious! Congratulations! It is the right way to go.”

Noting that Europe has set ourselves similar goals, she said, “We know how difficult it is to get there, but you have to be ambitious in these times when the climate change is showing us every day what happens when we don’t work against it and when we don’t come up with innovative, affordable and effective solutions.”

“Both, India and Europe know that solar energy will play a decisive role in that. So, the need for clean energy was never more obvious than today,” the EU President added.

Stating that the demand for energy is rising, she noted, India’s energy use doubled in the last two decades and it will continue to grow.

“This is first and foremost good news because it shows that India’s economy is doing well with all the benefits that it brings to citizens all across the wonderful and vibrant county,” the President of EU Commission further stated.

“However, it of course shows the urgency for the transformation to clean and sustainable ways of doing business and using that energy because we all know that this additional energy that you will need has to be green,” she added.