As a true neighbour, India has unfailingly assisted Nepal in its all-round development

Continuing its assistance programme, India on Sunday donated 17 school buses and 75 ambulances to several governmental and non-governmental, not-for-profit organizations operating in different districts around Nepal that serve in the domains of healthcare and education.

Ambassador Naveen Srivastava delivered the keys in the presence of Devendra Poudel, the Minister of Education, Science, and Technology of Nepal, who also attended the ceremony.

Speaking on the occasion, Indian Ambassador Naveen Srivastava said this has been a long-standing custom of the Indian government under “Nepal-India Development Partnership Programme” to support the Himalayan country to develop its infrastructure in the areas of education and healthcare.

“Ambassador Srivastava highlighted that the gifting of ambulances and school buses is part of a very robust and long-standing partnership between India and Nepal,” the Indian embassy in Nepal tweeted.

In his remarks, Nepali Minister Devendra Poudel expressed appreciation for the several ongoing development initiatives carried out by India in Nepal and stated that they will continue to improve people-to-people ties and bilateral relations between the two nations.

Since 1994, as many as 184 school buses and 940 ambulances have been donated by India to various beneficiary organizations located throughout various regions of Nepal.