The defence minister lauded the Indian Coast Guard for their service

India's maritime security demands have shifted as a result of the changing global circumstances, Defence Minister Rajnath Singh said on Monday.

Addressing the Indian Coast Guard's (ICG) 39th Commanders' Conference in New Delhi, he emphasized the need to maintain maritime preparedness in the ever-changing global landscape.

He recalled the 2008 Mumbai terror attacks, saying that the tragedy demonstrated that the country's focus had been on land border security for a long time, with little attention devoted to coastline protection.

He praised the ICG for consistently improving its capabilities in recent years, in accordance with the government's strategy, and for playing a critical role in boosting coastal security. He, however, also added that since the 2008 Mumbai attacks, the country has not seen any terror activity from the water route as a result of these measures.

In his remarks, the Defence Minister praised the ICG's "professionalism and dedication," stating that "its unparalleled performance" had made it one of the world's best and largest coast guards.

He went on to say that the ICG's role is not limited to coastal areas, describing them as "protectors of India's national interests and sovereign rights" in the maritime boundary and Exclusive Economic Zone.

He expressed his understanding of the significance of "a free and open Indo-Pacific," describing the region as critical to India's maritime security.

The event was attended by Defence Secretary Ajay Kumar, DG ICG VS Pathania, and other senior officials from the Ministry of Defence and the ICG.