The theme for this year's celebration is "People Peace Progress: The Power of Partnerships"

External Affairs Minister S Jaishankar paid homage to the devotion and heroism of all people participating in UN peacekeeping operations on the International Day of UN Peacekeepers and honoured the memories of those who have died in the pursuit of peace.

He took to Twitter on Sunday to say, "On the International Day of @UN Peacekeepers, salute the courage and dedication of the brave men and women who carry out @UNPeacekeeping around the world. Honor especially the memory of those who have made the supreme sacrifice in the cause of peace."

Peacekeepers from the United Nations work every day to safeguard tens of thousands of people in some of the world's most precarious political and security circumstances.

The International Day of UN Peacekeepers on May 29 is a chance to honour the almost one million troops who have deployed under the blue flag since 1948.

The first UN Peacekeeping Mission was established on May 29, 1948, when the Security Council authorized the deployment of a small number of UN military observers to the Middle East to monitor the Armistice Agreement between Israel and its Arab neighbors.

The day is also an opportunity to pay tribute to the more than 4,000 peacekeepers who have died for the sake of peace.

The theme for this year's celebration is "People Peace Progress: The Power of Partnerships," according to the United Nations.

The UN Peacekeeping mission recognized the efforts of other UN institutions, human rights organizations, communities, women, youth, media, academics, cultural and faith-based leaders, host governments, troop and police-contributing countries, member states, and many more on Sunday.

It launched a call to action by joining UN Peacekeeping's online and on-the-ground campaign, which highlighted peacekeeping tales and the potential of partnerships in securing peace, progress, and long-term development.