Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited Lumbini, Nepal on the occasion of Buddha Jayanti

The ever-strengthening friendship of India and Nepal and their closeness will serve the benefit of the entire humanity, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said in Lumbini during his visit to Nepal on Monday.

He also called for joint efforts to develop the shared heritage of India and Nepal.

Here are 10 points from Prime Minister Modi's address at the 2566th Buddha Jayanti and Lumbini Day 2022 event in Nepal.

1. In the kind of global conditions that are being created today, the ever-strengthening friendship of India and Nepal and our closeness, will serve the benefit of the entire humanity.

2. Today, we have to work for the whole of humanity. With this spirit, we have to strengthen the spirit of friendship in the world. I am confident that India-Nepal friendship will continue to work together to fulfill this humanitarian resolve.

3. From Sarnath, Bodh Gaya and Kushinagar in India to Lumbini in Nepal, these holy places symbolize our shared heritage and shared values. We have to develop this heritage together and enrich it further.

4. Many pilgrimages from India and Nepal have given momentum to the vast tradition of civilization, culture and knowledge over the centuries. Even today, lakhs of devotees from all over the world come to these shrines every year. We have to give more momentum to our efforts in the future.

5. There is such immense potential for India and Nepal to work together between the two countries. The citizens of both countries will benefit from these efforts.

6. The relationship between India and Nepal is as stable as a mountain, and as old as a mountain. We have to give a new height to our instinctive and natural relationships as much as the Himalayas.

7. The relationships that we have lived for thousands of years, from food, music, festivals, and customs to family ties, now also have to be linked to new areas like science, technology, and infrastructure.

8. I am satisfied that India is working shoulder to shoulder with Nepal in this direction. India's cooperation and efforts at Lumbini Buddhist University, Kathmandu University and Tribhuvan University are great examples of this.

9. I see many more great possibilities for expanding our mutual cooperation in this area. Together we will realize these possibilities and the dreams of India and Nepal.

10. Our able youth will grow to the pinnacle of success and become messengers of Buddha's teachings all over the world.