This will be first ever presidential visit from India to these two Caribbean countries

President Ram Nath Kovind will embark on a seven days visit to Caribbean countries--Jamaica and St. Vincent and Grenadines--from May 15 to 21, MEA Secretary East Saurabh Kumar said during a special briefing on Friday.

“This would be the first visit by the Head of State of India to these two countries and reflective of our commitment to small island developing states and to the CARICOM, which is the Caribbean community, of which both these countries are members,” Saurabh Kumar said.

In the first leg of the two countries’ visit, President Kovind will reach Jamaica on May 15 and depart the Caribbean country on May 18. India and Jamaica are celebrating 60 years of establishment of diplomatic relations between them. Marking this diplomatic milestone, “a road in the Jamaican capital, Kingston will be named after Dr Ambedkar,” the MEA Secretary said.

Jamaica is ‘Girmitya’ country with around 70,000 strong Indian Diaspora. This year marks the 176th Anniversary of the arrival of Indians in Jamaica.

During the course of his visit to Jamaica, the President will hold discussions with Governor General Sir Patrick Allen and Prime Minister Andrew Holness. President Kovind will also address the joint sitting of Parliament and participate in a community reception.

The President would interact with a wide cross section of the Jamaican society and as “a mark of our common love for cricket he would hand over cricket kits for aspiring young cricketers to the President of the Jamaican Cricket Association,” the MEA Secretary said. During President Kovind’s visit, some MoUs are also expected to be signed.

In the last leg of the Caribbean countries visit, the President will arrive in St. Vincent and Grenadines on May 18, where during his four-day stay, he will Governor General Susan Dougan and Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves.

The President will address the parliament and some agreements are also expected to be signed, said MEA Secretary Saurabh Kumar.

President Kovind would also visit some development projects undertaken by India and interact with a cross section of local society as well as members of the Indian community, the MEA official added.