PM Modi said the 'Pradhan Mantri Sangrahalaya' is helping to connect the youth with the priceless legacy of the nation

In his latest ‘Man Ki Baat’ episode, a monthly radio programme released on Sunday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi talked about India’s first museum on prime ministers, which was dedicated to the nation on April 14.

He said: “The Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya was dedicated to the nation. It has been opened for the citizens of the country…What can be a better time to remember the contribution of the Prime Ministers of the country than the Azadi ka Amrit Mahotsva?..People’s interest in history is increasing a lot and in such a situation the PM Museum is also becoming a centre of attraction for the youth, connecting them with the precious heritage of the country.”

In his monthly programme, PM Modi also spoke about the need of water conservation with summer at its peak in many states, pandemic and other issues.

“Now scientists are discussing 'Theory of Everything' where everything in the universe can be assimilated. On one side we invented zero while we also explored the idea of infinity. In Vedas and Indian mathematics, counting goes beyond billion and trillion,” he said.

The Prime Minister also emphasized on the importance of going digital. “People should go for ‘Cashless Day out’, now even in small villages and towns people are using UPI. It's benefiting both shopkeepers and customers. Online payments are developing a digital economy, everyday online transactions worth Rs.20,000 crore are taking place,” the PM added.

While highlighting the importance of mathematics in the world, he said: “After all, the people of India have given the most research and contribution to the whole world regarding mathematics. You must have heard a lot about zero, that is, the discovery of zero and its importance. Often you will also hear that if zero was not discovered, then perhaps we would not have been able to see so much scientific progress in the world. From Calculus to Computers - all these scientific inventions are based on Zero.”

“यत किंचित वस्तु तत सर्वं, गणितेन बिना नहि ! That is, whatever is there in this entire universe, everything is based on mathematics. If you remember the study of science, you will understand its meaning. Every principle of science is expressed through a mathematical formula. Be it Newton's laws, Einstein's famous equation, all the science related to the universe is mathematics. Now scientists also discuss the Theory of Everything, that is, a single formula that can express everything in the universe,” the Prime Minister said.