PM Modi also expressed pride in the fact that many of India's Prime Ministers came from ordinary families

Every government formed in independent India has contributed in taking the country to the height it is at today, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Thursday.

Speaking after inaugurating the Pradhanmantri Sanghralaya (Prime Ministers Museum) in New Delhi, PM Modi said that the museum had become a living reflection of the shared heritage of each government.

The Prime Minister reiterated his appreciation of the contribution of all the governments since independence.

Every Prime Minister of the country has contributed immensely towards achieving the goals of constitutional democracy, Prime Minister Modi continued.

“To remember them is to know the journey of independent India. People coming here will be familiar with the contribution of the former Prime Ministers of the country, their background, their struggles and creations”, he added.

The Prime Minister expressed pride in the fact that many of the Prime Ministers came from ordinary families. “It also gives confidence to the youth of the country that even a person born in a ordinary family can reach the highest positions in the democratic system of India”, said PM Modi.

The Prime Minister hoped that the museum will expand the experience of the young generation. "The more our youth knows about key occasions of Independent India, the more relevant will be their decisions," he said.

The Prime Minister also used the occasion to underline the changing world order and India’s growing status in that order.

“Today, when a new world order is emerging, the world is looking at India with a hope and confidence, then India will also have to increase its efforts to rise up to the occasion”, Prime Minister Modi said.

Representing a seamless blend of the old and the new, the Sangrahalaya integrates the erstwhile Teen Murti Bhawan designated as Block I, with the newly constructed building designated as Block II. The total area of the two blocks is over 15,600 square metres.

There are a total of 43 galleries in the Pradhanmantri Sangrahalaya.

Starting from displays on the freedom struggle and the framing of the Constitution, the Sangrahalaya goes on to tell the story of how India's Prime Ministers navigated the nation through various challenges and ensured the all-round progress of the country.

The Sangrahalaya has employed cutting-edge technology-based interfaces to encompass heterogeneity in content and frequent rotation of display.

Holograms, Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Multi-touch, Multimedia, interactive kiosks, computerized kinetic sculptures, smartphone applications, interactive screens, experiential installations etc. enable the exhibition content to become highly interactive and engaging.