The PM said this after inaugurating 341-km long Purvanchal Expressway in Uttar Pradesh on Tuesday

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday said India’s security is as much important as its prosperity.

“Emergency landing provision for fighter jets is made while constructing the Purvanchal Expressway”, Prime Minister Modi said while inaugurating the Expressway constructed at an estimated cost of Rs 22500 crore.

Prime Minister Modi who witnessed an airshow involving landing and take-off of IAF fighter planes like like Mirage 2000, Jaguar and Sukhoi-30 MKI at the Expressway, said, “Roar of these planes will be for those who ignored the defense infrastructure in the country for decades.”

The Prime Minister lamented that in spite of such a large area blessed with the Ganga ji and other rivers, there was no development till 7-8 years ago.

He said balanced development of the country is equally necessary for the overall development of the country.

Some areas march ahead in development and some areas are left behind by decades.

He said that this inequality is not good for any country.

The eastern part of India and North Eastern states, despite having so much potential for development, did not get much benefit from the development taking place in the country

He said in 2014, when the country gave him an opportunity to serve the country, he gave priority to the development of UP.

The Prime Minister envisioned that the poor should get pucca houses, the poor should have toilets, women should not have to defecate in the open and everyone should have electricity in their homes and many such works are needed to be done here.

Criticizing the previous government, Prime Minister Modi said he was deeply pained that the then UP government did not support him in providing these amenities.

He said that “The people of UP will hold the government accountable and remove it for the unfair treatment of the people of UP, discrimination done in development and the way only the interest of their family was being served by the then government.”