The term of members from these seats has either ended or is about to end soon

Biennial elections to the legislative councils in Maharashtra, Telangana, Karnataka and Andhra Pradesh from 42 local authorities' constituencies will be held on December 10, the Election Commission announced on Tuesday.


The Election Commission said it had decided to hold biennial election to the Maharashtra Legislative Council for 6 seats from 5 Local Authorities’ Constituencies.

The term of office of 8 sitting members of Maharashtra Legislative Council from 7 Local Authorities’ Constituencies, is going to expire on January 1, 2022.

With regard to Local Authorities’ Constituencies election, the Election Commission has laid down the guidelines that if at least 75% of the local authorities in a local authorities’ constituency are functioning, and in addition at least 75% of the electors out of the total electorate of the constituency are available, then electorate is treated as available for electing representative(s) to the legislative council.

These guidelines of the Election Commission got the approval of Supreme Court of India in Election Commission of India Vs Shivaji and Ors (AIR 1988 SC 61).

As per the information received from the CEO, Maharashtra vide letter dated 25.10.2021, the existence of constituent local body functioning is more than 75% in 5 out of 07 Local Authorities’ Constituencies (except Solapur and Ahmednagar Local Authorities’ Constituencies), the Election Commission said.

Andhra Pradesh

The term of office of 11 sitting members of Andhra Pradesh Legislative Council from 8 Local Authorities’ Constituencies had expired on August 11 this year.

Biennial elections to fill up these seats could not be conducted earlier as the Constituent Local Bodies/Electors were not in existence at that time.

Now, as per the information received from the CEO, Andhra Pradesh vide letter dated 01.10.2021, both the percentage of constituent Local Bodies functioning and the percentage of electors in position is above 75%, in respect of these 8 Local Authorities’ Constituencies in Andhra Pradesh, the commission said.


Biennial Election to the Karnataka Legislative Council from 20 Local Authorities’ Constituencies will be held for 25 seats due to retirement of sitting members on January 5, 2022.


The Election Commission has also decided to hold biennial election to the Telangana Legislative Council from nine Local Authorities’ Constituencies.

The Model Code of Conduct concerning the said election will come into force with immediate effect in the concerned Constituencies.

Broad Guidelines of Covid-19 will need to be followed, wherever applicable, during the entire election process for all persons.
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