PM Modi also expressed happiness at every eligible person in Goa getting at least one dose of the vaccine

A day after India vaccinated a record 2.5-crore plus people in a single day, Prime Minister Narendra Modi praised the compassion, service and sense of duty of the team and everybody involved.

“Everyone cooperated fully, people connected this with service. It was their compassion and duty that made this feat of 2.5 crore vaccination in a day possible,” said the Prime Minister on Saturday.

"I have seen many birthdays and have always been indifferent to that but, in all my years, yesterday was a day that made me deeply emotional as 2.5 crore people got vaccinated," said PM Modi, who turned 71 on Friday.

He was interacting with healthcare workers and beneficiaries of the Covid-19 vaccination programme in Goa, which has completed 100% first dose coverage for the adult population.

The Prime Minister expressed happiness at every eligible person in Goa getting at least one dose of the vaccine.

“This is a major milestone in the fight against Corona. Every achievement of Goa that epitomises the concept of El Bharat -Shreshth Bharat fills me with great joy”, he said.

PM Modi remarked that in the last few months, Goa had fought bravely with natural calamities like heavy rains, cyclones, floods. He praised all the corona warriors, health workers and Team Goa for maintaining the pace of corona vaccination amidst these natural calamities.

The Prime Minister said that India prioritized tourist destinations in its vaccination efforts though this was not talked about earlier. It was important for our tourism destinations to open.

The Central government has also recently taken several steps to encourage foreign tourists.

It has been decided to give free visas to 5 lakh tourists visiting India, loan up to 10 lakh with a government guarantee to the stakeholders in the tourism sector and loan up to 1 lakh for registered tourist guides have been instituted, the Prime Minister informed.