With focus on quality research and innovation, IITs have become the symbol of the progress of India, Pradhan said

Union Minister of Education Dharmendra Pradhan on Friday batted for the National Education Policy 2020, saying that it was unveiled with an aim to overhaul the country’s education landscape on the basis of affordability, accessibility, equity and quality.

“It is not merely a policy but a vision document for our future which aims to establish a student-centric education system by empowering the students with flexibility and power of choice,” the Minister said while inaugurating the Pushpagiri Lecture Hall Complex and Rishikulya Hall of Residence at IIT Bhubaneswar.

He said the NEP will transform our higher educational institutions into world-class institutions.

The Minister said with focus on quality research and innovation, IITs have indeed become the symbol of the progress of India and success in higher education.

Pradhan complemented the IIT Bhubaneswar for its teaching excellence and quality education.

He also expressed that IIT Bhubaneswar being a leading Institute in the state of Odisha should take the lead in the effective implementation of the National Education Policy (NEP-2020) and paving the path for holistic and multidisciplinary education and thereby helping the needy sections of the society.

He further reiterated that the amalgamation of knowledge and technical skills at IIT Bhubaneswar will pave the path for innovative outcomes in a state like Odisha.

Pradhan stated that the real potential of Odisha lies in its people and its real growth has to be driven by its youth. He wished success to all the faculty and students of the institute in all their future endeavours.