Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has 19.4 million followers

With more than 70 million followers on Twitter, Prime Minister Narendra Modi is now the most followed active politician across the globe on the social media platform.

Former US President Barack Obama has 129.8 million followers on the social platform making him the most followed politician of all times.

Amongst world leaders trailing Modi is Pope Francis has the highest number of followers on the microblogging site at 53 million.

Indian leaders who have a high following on twitter include, Union Home Minister Amit Shah has a following of 26.3 million on the platform, while Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has 19.4 million followers.

Prime Minister Modi has been an avid Twitter user since 2009 when he was the Chief Minister of Gujarat. He has been one of the few politicians who have realized early on the influence social media can have on politics.

In power since 2014, PM Modi’s following has gone from strength to strength. Modi uses his account for exactly what you would expect of a politician and head of state.

He campaigns for his party, talks about issues affecting India, and tweets about diplomacy between his country and others.

Meanwhile, Office of the Prime Minister of India is the most followed institutional account in the world with 43.2 million followers.

Among other world leaders, former United States President Barack Obama has a following of 129.8 followers, while his current counterpart Joe Biden is followed by 30.9 million accounts.

Donald Trump, who had the highest of followers at 88.7 million, was permanently removed from Twitter following the riots at the US Capitol.