Japan is today one of the most trusted friends of India, PM Narendra Modi stated

Inaugurating the International Cooperation and Convention Centre, Rudraksh, in Varanasi on Thursday, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said that the Centre shows strong connect between India and Japan.

He lauded Japan's effort in helping to build the convention centre.

Recalling that Prime Minister of Japan Suga Yoshihide was the Chief Cabinet Secretary at that time, PM Modi said, from then till he became the Prime Minister of Japan, he has been personally involved in this project.

“Every Indian is grateful to him for his affinity towards India,” he said, referring to the Japanese Prime Minister.

On the occasion, Prime Minister Modi also remembered former Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe who was closely connected with Thursday's event.

He recalled the moment when he had a discussion Abe on the idea of ​​Rudraksh when he came to Kashi.

The Prime Minister said this building has both the shine of modernity and cultural glow, it has the connection of India Japan relationship as well as scope of future cooperation also.

He said that from his visit to Japan, this kind of people to people relations were envisaged and projects like Rudraksh and Zen garden in Ahmedabad symbolize this relationship.

Prime Minister Modi lauded Japan for being one of the most trusted friends of India today in both the strategic and economic spheres.

He added that India’s friendship with Japan is considered one of the most natural partnerships in the entire region.

"India and Japan are of the view that our development should be linked with our gaiety. This development should be all-round, should be for all, and should be all-encompassing," the Prime Minister noted.

Addressing the gathering, the Prime Minister said that despite Covid, the pace of development remains intact in Kashi.

The Prime Minister said songs, music and art flow from veins in Banaras.

“Here on the ghats of the Ganges so many arts have been developed, knowledge has reached the summit and so many serious thoughts related to humanity have taken place,” he explained.

“That is how Banaras can become a huge global centre of music, religion, spirit and of knowledge and science,” PM Modi further said.

He added that this Centre will be a cultural hub and a medium to unite different people. He requested the people of Kashi to preserve this Centre.