PM Modi said his mother, who is almost 100 years old, had taken both Covid-19 vaccine doses

“We have to be aware and make others too. Every person in the village gets vaccinated - this should be the goal for all villages,” he instructed.

Urging all countrymen to get vaccinated in India’s continuing fight against the COVID-19 virus, Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 78th episode of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ address on Sunday called for ending vaccine hesitancy and believing in science.

“Friends, we have to keep making efforts to ensure that every citizen is able to avail of safety through the vaccine,” he said.

Calling to put an end to vaccine hesitancy, the Prime Minister noted that myriad organizations and members of civil society have come forward and together, they are doing a wonderful job to dispel fear about the vaccines.

Talking to men from Dulariya village in Betul District of Madhya Pradesh, about the vaccine, he urged all villagers to dispel fear, if any, about the vaccine and get vaccinated.

“Tell everyone that the vaccine is being administered by the Government of India, free of cost…and for all persons above 18 years of age,” he appealed.

Informing that so far in the country, over 31 crore people have got themselves vaccinated so far, the Prime Minister added that he himself has been vaccinated with both the doses.

“And my mother is close to a hundred years of age…she too has taken both doses! At times, some people develop fever on account of this…but it’s very minor; just for a few hours…See, not getting vaccinated can prove dangerous,” he cautioned.

Suggesting that there are many villages in India where cent percent people of the villagers have availed the vaccine, the Prime Minister cited the example of the village of Weyan in Bandipora district of Kashmir where today, all persons above the age of 18 have taken the vaccine.

“I came to know about three villages in Nagaland also where people have been vaccinated a 100 percent,” he added.

Terming COVID-19 virus as a ‘master of disguise’, PM Modi reminded that in order to protect oneself from the virus there are only two ways.

“One is adhering to the protocol for Corona – wearing a mask, frequently washing hands with soap, maintaining distancing…and the other way is …along with all this, getting vaccinated…that too is a good safety shield…think about that,” he said.
Highlighting the hard work put by the country’s scientists to make the vaccine, PM Modi said that through the year many senior scientists have worked and that is why we have to believe in science, believe in scientists.

“And should explain to these propagators of falsehood that look brothers it is not so, so many people have taken vaccine, nothing untoward happens,” he mentioned.

He hoped that the way people of the villages of the country, its forest dwellers, tribal brothers and sisters displayed their capabilities and understanding will someday be a subject of case study for the world.

Like how people of villages set up quarantine centres, made Covid protocol as per local requirements and people of villages did not let anybody sleep hungry, did not let work in fields stop either similarly we need to keep doing the same way in the vaccination campaign too, he explained.

“We have to be aware and make others aware too. Every person in the village gets vaccinated - this should be the goal for all villages,” the Prime Minister instructed.

“Ask a question to yourself- everyone wants to be successful but what is the deciding mantra for success? The decisive mantra for success is continuity, so we don’t have to get lax, don’t have to get in delusion. We have to keep making efforts continuously…register victory over Corona,” he added.