The portal facilitates free online medical consultation to all citizens of India, as well as provides online prescription of medicines

In order to mitigate the non-availability of specialised medical manpower in the country, veteran defence doctors have come forward answering the call of the nation to provide free online consultation services on the e-Sanjeevani platform.

An Indian government initiated flagship telemedicine platform, e-Sanjeevani OPD has been developed by the C-DAC, Mohali under the aegis of the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare.

It facilitates free online medical consultation to all citizens of India, as well as provides for online prescription of medicines. This will help in making the invaluable experience of veteran defence medical professionals available to fellow citizens of the country.

‘Ex-Defence OPD’ was launched on May 7, 2021 in a phased manner by Defence Secretary Dr Ajay Kumar and Surgeon Vice Admiral Rajat Datta, Director General of Armed Forces Medical Services.

Initially available for Uttar Pradesh, it was extended to Rajasthan on May 10 and Uttarakhand on 11 May as more veteran defence volunteer doctors came onboard.

As of today, 85 veteran defence doctors are providing their services on the portal and have provided online consultation to more than 1000 patients.

After the successful roll out in 3 states, Ex-Defence OPD, now renamed as Defence National OPD, has been rolled out pan India on May 14, 2021 and is available on

Availability of veteran defence medical professionals on this Govt of India platform has provided additional impetus to the STAY HOME OPD.

Their vast experience and expertise is being optimally utilized by patients across the country. This initiative will go a long way in obtaining necessary medical advice and consultation in the safe environment of patients' homes, avoiding unnecessary visits to hospitals and increasing the risk of getting infected with COVID and overburdening the limited health resources.

All citizens are urged to utilise this unique facility by logging on to