The NGO is reaching out to the families through social media and women volunteers

The second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic has left India shattered with its people losing their lives or their closed ones. No one thought a few thousand additions of active cases in February would reach 4 lakh cases per day.

The low-income groups who are losing the only breadwinner of the family are getting the most hit by the second wave. In the name of hope, they only have their eyes on the government and non-government organizations (NGOs) that can provide support.

While the government is doing its part, non-government organizations have taken the responsibility to share the load. One such name is Pinkishe Foundation, an NGO working towards women empowerment in the country. They have now come up to support the Covid-19 hit low-income families who have lost the breadwinners in the family in all regions of the country.

The organization has started accepting applications under the 'COVID-19 Response Fund 2.0' in association with GiveIndia, an online donation platform. The foundation informed that the fund would provide financial assistance to low-income group families who lost the sole bread earning member due to COVID-19. Families in urban or rural areas in and around Ghaziabad, Noida, Gurgaon, Faridabad and Hapur with a monthly income of Rs 10,000-20,000 are the initial target group.

To avoid any fraudulent applications, the organization allows only those families who are able to show that their breadwinner died due to COVID-19. After the verification, they move the funds to the beneficiary's bank account after verifying the documents.

“We will need to do some basic verification to ensure the genuineness of applications and prioritization so that the benefit reaches most needy families. We have 1.6 lakh women linked to us across India, and the foundation has asked all of them to recognize families so that support can reach them as soon as possible," says Branch Secretary Rajrani Sharma.

India has been reporting more than 3 lakh cases every day with more than 3000 people succumbing to Covid-19. At this crucial time, saving even a single life seems precious.

The foundation has committed to support at least 800-1000 families; however, there is no set amount for families because it will vary depending on the need assessed by the team. The aim is for the families to be able to support themselves for a few months.

"We know that nothing can replace their tragic loss, but we hope that the money will help these families get over their immediate financial challenge and provide them with a time cushion to create alternate work and earning options", says national leader of Pinkishe Foundation Ruchi Jain.

Without revealing the amount, the organization has said that the financial assistance covers the rural families for a period of three months, while covers urban families for a period of two months.

The NGO is reaching out to the families through social media and women volunteers.

At a time when everyone is fighting for survival, the country needs more such organizations to come together and fight the pandemic.