The Prime Minister stressed on self-discipline to fight the infection, urging people to step out only if necessary

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has appealed to states to use lockdown as the last resort to prevent the spread of coronavirus in the country.

“In today's situation, we have to save the country from lockdown. I would request the states to use lockdown as the last option. We have to try hard to avoid lockdown. And the focus is on the micro-container zone itself. We will also improve the health of our economy and take care of the health of our countrymen,” Prime Minister Modi in his address to the nation on Tuesday.

He stressed on self-discipline to fight the infection, urging people to step out only if necessary.

“Our effort is to save lives. But the impact on economic activities and livelihoods should also be as less as possible.”

The Prime Minister made it clear that a nationwide lockdown was off the table for now, while listing his government's efforts to ensure enough oxygen, beds and vaccines.

“I appeal to people that they should come forward in this hour of crisis and help the needy. We will be able to win this battle only with resolve. I request my young friends to help make Covid-19 discipline in their society, by making small committees in the neighborhood and in apartments. If we do this then governments will never need to create a containment zone or impose curfew, nor will there be any question of lockdown,” the Prime Minister said.

“You must step out only if necessary. I assure you, the nation won't spare any effort to resolve today's crisis.”

PM Modi referred to the Ram Navami and Ramzan festivals to underscore his message.

“Today is the last day of Navaratri. Tomorrow is Ram Navami. Maryada purushottam Ram's message is for us to be disciplined. It is also the 7th day of Ramzan. The festival teaches us patience and discipline. Patience and discipline are both needed to fight Covid.”

He likened the second, more deadly wave of the pandemic in India with a storm.

“We were just recovering from the first wave. But then the second wave came at us like a storm,” said the Prime Minister.