Eight States account for nearly 60% of the total beneficiaries vaccinated with Uttar Pradesh leading the list

India has vaccinated close to 80 lakh (8 million) beneficiaries in its fight against COVID-19.

As on February 13, till 8:00 AM, 79,67,647 beneficiaries have received the vaccination under the countrywide COVID19 vaccination exercise. Out of these, 5,909,136 are Health Care Workers and 2,058,511 are Front Line Workers. Nearly 1,64,781 vaccination sessions have been conducted so far.

According to the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare, on Day 28, of the vaccination drive, 4,62,637 beneficiaries (HCWs- 94,160 and FLWs- 3,68,477) were vaccinated across 10,411 sessions.

The Health Ministry noted that eight States account for nearly 60% (59.70%) of the total beneficiaries vaccinated in India. These States have vaccinated more than 4,00,000 beneficiaries each. Uttar Pradesh alone accounts for 10.8% (8,58,602 beneficiaries) of the total beneficiaries in India, it said.

Further, the distribution of daily deaths among States and Union Territories (UTs) in the last 24 hours also reflects a significant decline with 17 States and UTs not reporting any new COVID19 deaths while 13 States/UTs have reported between 1-5 new deaths.

Seventeen States and UTs which have not reported any new deaths in the last 24 hours are Telangana, Odisha, Jharkhand, Puducherry, Chandigarh, Nagaland, Assam, Manipur, Sikkim, Meghalaya, Ladakh (UT), Mizoram, Andaman and Nicobar Islands, Tripura, Lakshadweep, Arunachal Pradesh and Daman and Diu and Dadra and Nagar Haveli.

India’s total Active Caseload currently stands at 1.36 lakh (1,36,571). The active caseload now consists of just 1.25% of India’s total Positive Cases.

According to the Health Ministry, 12,143 daily new cases registered in the last 24 hours. 86.01% of the new cases are from six States.

Kerala continues to report the highest daily new cases at 5,397 followed by Maharashtra with 3,670, while Tamil Nadu reported 483 new cases.

About the recoveries, the Health Ministry noted a total of 1.06 Cr (1,06,00,625) people have recovered so far. 11,395 patients have recovered and got discharged in the last 24 hours. The National Recovery rate is 97.32%.

Of the new recoveries, 81.93% are observed to be concentrated in six States.

Kerala has reported the maximum number of single day recoveries with 5,332 newly recovered cases. 2,422 people recovered in Maharashtra in the past 24 hours followed by 486 in Tamil Nadu.

Meanwhile, 103 deaths were recorded in the last 24 hours. Six States account for 80.58% of the new deaths.

Maharashtra saw the maximum casualties (36). Kerala follows with 18 daily deaths, while Karnataka and Punjab reported 8 deaths each.