Prime Minister Narendra Modi also highlighted the concept of Ek Bharat-Shreshtha Bharat and outlined its importance

Success of ‘vocal for local’ and Aatmanirbhar Abhiyan is dependent on the country's youth, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said on Sunday.

Pointing out that India was an embodiment of collective strength of aspiration of its countrymen, PM Modi said the concept of 'Ek Bharat-Shresth Bharat' would give strength to the 'local for vocal' movement.

He was interacting with tribal guests, NCC Cadets, NSS volunteers and tableaux artists who would be a part of the upcoming Republic Day parade during an At Home function.

The Prime Minister said that their participation in the Republic Day Parade fills every citizen with energy and pride. According to him, the Republic Day Parade is a tribute to India’s great socio-cultural heritage and to the Constitution that gives life to the world’s biggest democracy.

During his interaction, PM Modi said India means – many states-one nation, many communities -one emotion, many paths-one goal, many customs-one value, many languages-one expression and many colours-one tri colour. And this common destination is ‘Ek Bharat-Shreshth Bharat’.

He appealed to the young guests from all parts of the country to work for raising awareness of each other’s customs, cuisine, languages and art.