PM Modi informed that the national museum is working on introducing around 10 virtual galleries

Working like an emotional recharge, culture plays a major role in handling a crisis, Prime Minister Narendra Modi said today during his radio programme ‘Mann ki Baat’ and said that technology can give new dimensions to the culture. He also informed about the upcoming digital museums in the country.

“Culture helps a lot during a crisis, plays a major role in handling it. Even with the help of technology, culture works like an emotional recharge,” he said in his address.

He added by saying, “Today, lots of museums and libraries in the country are working to make their collection fully digital. In Delhi, our National museum has made some commendable efforts in this respect.”

PM Modi informed that the national museum is working on introducing around 10 virtual galleries. “Isn’t this interesting!” he said, addinging that technology plays an important role in conservation of cultural heritage.

“Now, sitting at your home, you can tour the National Museum galleries of Delhi. On the one hand it is important to take cultural heritage to the maximum number of people through the medium of technology, the use of technology is also important for the conservation of this heritage,” he said.

To establish the same, he referred to the Arctic World Archive project being run in Svalbard Island in the north of Norway. He said that a project has been set up in the island in which invaluable data has been stored in this archive in such a manner that no natural or manmade disaster can affect it.

PM Modi said that India has also worked towards preserving the cultural heritage. “Just recently, we have received information that the heritage of Ajanta caves is also being digitized and preserved in this project,” he said.

The project will display a full view of the caves of Ajanta. Along with the digitalized and restored painting, it shall also have important documents and quotes related to it, he informed.

Beginning this edition of ‘Mann ki Baat’ by sharing good news with the nation, he informed the nation that after over 100 years, an old idol of Devi Annapurna is returning to India to Canada. The idol was stolen and smuggled out of a temple in Varanasi in 1913.

“I express my gratitude to the Government of Canada and to all those for this large heartedness who made this propitious deed possible. Mata Annapoorna has a very special relationship with Kashi. Now the coming back of her Idol is pleasing for all of us,” he said.

He said that India has now increased its efforts for the return of all such invaluable heritage stolen and smuggled out of India.

“Just like the idol of Mata Annapurna, a lot of our invaluable heritage has suffered at the hands of International gangs. These gangs sell them at a very high price in the international market. Now not only are they being subjected to heavy restrictions; India has also increased her efforts for their return,” he said.

Because of such efforts, India has been successful in bringing back lots of such idols and artifacts in the past few years, PM Modi said in his address.

He said that India’s culture, Shastras and knowledge has always been a centre of attraction for the entire world. PM Modi said that there are many people outside India now teaching and celebrating the Indian culture as carriers of this culture.

Talking about one such carrier, he said, “I got an opportunity to know about the work of Jonas Masetti, also known as Vishwanath. Jonas teaches Vedanta & Geeta to people in Brazil. He runs an institution named Vishwavidya, situated in the hills of Petropolis, an hour’s distance from Rio De Janeiro.”

After studying Mechanical Engineering, he was later drawn towards Indian culture, especially Vedanta. Jonas studied Vedanta Philosophy in India, staying at Arsha Vidya Gurukulam in Coimbatore for four years. Through his online programmes and daily podcasts. Jonas has taught over a lakh and half students.

“People are much keen on knowing how this could be of help to them during these times of Corona & quarantine. Through the medium of Mann Ki Baat, I congratulate Jonas on his efforts & wish him well for his future endeavours,” PM Modi said.